Secure your hidden photos with Face ID


Adds FaceID authentication to access hidden folder in Photos.

Important Note:

This package modifies the Photos app Info.plist file by adding the NSFaceIDUsageDescription key to enable FaceID. This in no way will negatively effect your device's performance or security. Unfortunately this a permanent change and uninstalling the package will not undo this. I'm currently working on a workaround for this.

Important Note 2.0:

Several users have noted that this tweak often results in an "Unable to share" message after a few days of use. I have removed what I believe to be the culprit, but can't be sure as it is very difficult to reproduce and debug. The effect of this change is that when installing users will have to manually add the NSFaceIDUsageDescription key to the Photos Info.plist. Below you can find a video demonstration on how to do so.

DEMO: https://streamable.com/o9k92


Version 1.0.1


  • Removed post install script which is probably causing the unable to share issue.
Version 1.0.0


  • Initial Release